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The A-list cast of characters were a treat to watch, but over than that, this is a very average ghost movie.First name: Isabella (approximately HK .65 billion) although Lee gave birth to three sons, but still do not have a predestined relationship into a wealthy family, two more in the previous year break up.Ninth: Gigi (more than 10 billion Hong Kong dollars) husband matingjiang, 52 years old, congenital lame, known as the second generation of to be number one in Hong Kong, Hong Kong "Oriental Press Group", the founder of a horse Xiru.Tenth: qiushuzhen (about 10 billion Hong Kong dollars) was a famous film star in Hong Kong entertainment, a smash hit, in 1999 to marry I. boss shenjiawei, celebrity do housewife, gave birth to three women, has been the husband of the woman.(Zhao Wei left for a family of three French Chateau holiday, right Zhao Wei wearing a dove diamond egg)Business field of huangyoulong domineering decisive, quite dignity like qualities; but in order to support Zhao Wei career development, often bear responsibilities with children is generous upload daughter photos or is his wife and daughter photo, although Zhao Wei has always been low-key processing, but of the high-profile huangyoulong displays of affection can reflect his love for this super big line wife.However in the purchase of luxury jewelry, huangyoulong is generous wife, media inventory, a high-end luxury brand adorn custom bag Zhao Wei has not 10, and often appeared will arm the brand package. When Zhao Wei Huang Xiaoming dream lover, now Vicki has been married daughters, Huang Xiaoming and his girlfriend baby feeling relaxed.Journal of the 20th anniversary of the 2010 March in Hong Kong a gossip magazine, published the cover out of the Zhao Wei Singapore labor picture, April 15, Singapore media reported Zhao Wei and her husband huangyoulong early in 2008 registered in Singapore, marriage, Zhao Wei on the evening of April 11, in the famous Gleneagles hospital caesarean section produce daughter.Secret married woman Zhao Wei not only caused a stir in the Chinese world, spread throughout the Southeast asia.

Because Li Nian get married registered in Hong Kong in 2010 and husband Lin Heping, 2012 January 25 successfully gave birth to her daughter "yogurt".

After Zhao Wei quickly return to work, to attend various activities, for friends, but a time will accompany you around her husband and daughter.

A family of three often travel around the world, Huang Youlong more to buy French winery for family vacation.

This is a low key Chinese horror flick, starring Gigi Lai and Anthony Wong as a wife and husband who returns home to be with her mother and sister in a house where odd things are taking place.

Soon, it was discovered that the place was haunted; therefore, our characters must save themselves from the paranormal menace.

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