Dating in a down economy how dating used to be

Check out our 2-year chart of .5 billion shipper Tidewater (NYSE: TDW). Inspired by these gains, tons of companies have entered the fray.Here's a list of new shipping companies to come onto the market And this is just a partial list!Then some shocking news came down the pike just last week ( That's right, Ms.Hilton has jumped ship, literally, from one Greek shipping heir to another, stealing Mary-Kate's man in the process!Like the many of these are basically shell companies, with just a big wad of cash and a plan to buy some ships at some point down the road.Now readers of the gossip-sheets will already know exactly where we are going here. It started in the spring when Paris Hilton started dating billionaire Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. Newly-legal Mary-Kate Olson, who has been tearing through men since turning 18, has been with Stavros Niarchos III, grandson of famous Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos.Thus, our international trade, particularly with China, accelerated and reached new heights.All of a sudden there was quite a lot of money to be made in shipping!

The figures are based on a study carried out by research One Poll, which sampled 2,000 UK nationally representative adults.Now she's down in the dump career-wise, and frankly, we're guessing those Greek shippers have seen a lot of family money evaporate (not only because of the collapse of Greece, but also because the Baltic Dry Index is sub-1000.Let's go deep into economic history, back to the year 2004.Of course, from these few data-points, we can't conclude that there is a meaningful relationship (causal or correlative) between celebrity dating patterns and industrial trends, so let's look further.Why have shares in Marriott and Hilton languished in '05?

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TSB said first dates in the UK cost £41.20 on average (£50 for men and £36 for women). The most popular dating app in the UK is Tinder, with 55% of Brits having used it, according to TSB.

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