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Your date will find this very offensive especially if she likes you.

If do not plan on seeing her again, end the night with a simple good night or “nice meeting you” and she’ll more than likely get the message.

Thai girls are usually timid and shy on the first few dates; don’t act “pushy”.

Repeatedly trying to kiss or hold hands will make her feel uncomfortable.

When conversing with your date be sure to remember English might not be her first language, so be sure to be patient and avoid constantly correcting any mistakes. Thai women are becoming more successful and financially independent and they like to show it.In turn, a woman who shows up to the date dressed casually might feel awkward in fine dining restaurant.Don’t feel ashamed to discuss and plan date in advance, it’s better to be sure she’s comfortable with the location rather than never seeing her again.Avoid any unintended insult or avoid negative comments about country.If you’re not sure she’ll be offended by what you’re about to say, best not say anything.

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