Origin of dating violence

It has been argued earlier that language attained its modern state shortly before the exodus from Africa.If religion had to await the evolution of modern, articulate language, then it too would have emerged shortly before 50,000 years ago." Another view distinguishes individual religious belief from collective religious belief.This activity predates by far the emergence of language and may have caused it.The theory is, belief in the supernatural emerges from hypotheses arbitrarily assumed by individuals to explain natural phenomena that cannot be explained otherwise.The cerebral neocortex is presumed to be responsible for the neuronal computations underlying complex phenomena such as perception, thought, language, attention, episodic memory and voluntary movement.Robin Dunbar argues that the critical event in the evolution of the neocortex took place at the speciation of archaic homo sapiens about 500,000 years ago.Frans de Waal and Barbara King both view human morality as having grown out of primate sociality.Though morality awareness may be a unique human trait, many social animals, such as primates, dolphins and whales, have been known to exhibit pre-moral sentiments.

However, recent studies of other primates indicate that causality may not be a uniquely human trait.

According to Michael Shermer, the following characteristics are shared by humans and other social animals, particularly the great apes: "attachment and bonding, cooperation and mutual aid, sympathy and empathy, direct and indirect reciprocity, altruism and reciprocal altruism, conflict resolution and peacemaking, deception and deception detection, community concern and caring about what others think about you, and awareness of and response to the social rules of the group".

De Waal contends that all social animals have had to restrain or alter their behavior for group living to be worthwhile.

Stephen Jay Gould suggests that religion may have grown out of evolutionary changes which favored larger brains as a means of cementing group coherence among savannah hunters, after that larger brain enabled reflection on the inevitability of personal mortality.

Lewis Wolpert argues that causal beliefs that emerged from tool use played a major role in the evolution of belief.

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