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Modern cultures vary in how different the sexes are in height, with the Maya Indians of South America differing by nearly 10 percent, while the Taiwanese differ by only 5.5 percent.

Claire Holden and Ruth Mace from University College London looked at seventy-six populations around the world for which they could find information on height, degree of polygyny, type of subsistence (hunting or agriculture), and the sexual division of labor during a preindustrial period.

All animals have primary sexual characteristics, and they can be very obvious or quite subtle; in many rodents, for instance, males and females are difficult to tell apart even after inspection of the nether regions, at least by a nonexpert.

The secondary sexual characteristics are even more variable, and they were also of much interest to Darwin.

These are all the other differences between the sexes—the ones that aren’t directly required for reproduction but are still sex-specific, such as the peacock tail or the songs of male frogs, crickets, or birds.

Human secondary sexual characteristics include enlarged breasts in women, facial hair in men, and—most germane to our quest for the ancestral mating system—differences in body size, with men being on average 15 centimeters (about 6 inches) taller than women.

The researchers hypothesized that polygyny might not be the only thing affecting sexual size differences; perhaps the way that men and women live is also a factor.

Sometimes being bigger isn’t all that useful, as in hummingbirds or other species with aerial displays of aggression, where a more agile opponent wins the day.Along with the rest of his focus on sex, Darwin was extremely interested in these differences, and he drew a distinction between what he called primary and secondary sexual characteristics.The primary sexual characteristics are what define us as male or female—the plumbing, so to speak, with human (and other mammal) males having testes and females having ovaries, for example.This body size difference is mirrored to greater or lesser degrees in many other species, though in some, including whales and many insects, it is the female that is the larger sex.(Larger females are believed to be favored when they can lay more eggs or otherwise provide more for the offspring.) Larger males are thought to be the result of sexual selection for better fighters, and the fighting is generally over access to mates.

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