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I’ve been going there for a while, and love the look of the place. Increasingly I’ve been thinking about cities in transition — American cities that are transitioning from manufacturing to service industries and tech, Detroit being an example.So there’s something about the company town going through a change that appeals to me.

Es algo romántico, que tiene que ver con el diseño y con la funcionalidad, pensadas para compartir y crear comunidad.

How do you put together the list of destinations for every season? Or maybe I read about something in the paper, saw a film, or somebody reached out with a history and a particular point of view that excites me.

Usually, I’ll be sitting with my camera guys and producer on a shoot. This season, I started talking to [alt-rock musician] Mark Lanegan.

Es con quien comento lo que veo o a quien pregunto sobre qué ver, restaurantes, hoteles y hasta vuelos si me hace falta.

Y después de un viaje, es quien guarda los recuerdos para siempre.

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Como fotógrafo soy una persona tremendamente visual y muchas veces me basta con un imagen para inspirarme y tomar la decisión de hacer la mochila y salir a conocer mundo.

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