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‘I behaved very badly, but I was too bound up with myself to realise,’ he recalls.‘I blamed her for losing the baby because she’d carried on working and doing what she wanted to do.A CIA higher-up, Perry Weinstein (Patton) gives the order to terminate the asset. Furious, Devereaux gives chase to the assassins and takes out most of the team.When he discovers who the trigger man is, he is momentarily shocked and walks away. Now, Devereaux and the CIA are in a race to find the one connection that can take down Federov – a girl named Mira Filipova (Mrdja).

Out of the blue, he exhumed a childhood incident in which his mother had hit him repeatedly with a knitting needle for swapping a toy.I was intolerant of people from a different class; suspicious of people with a lot of money; defensive because I hadn’t been to university.’As former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was to discover for herself.It was during a London run of the play Becket 14 years ago that the Iron Lady, who was in the audience, invited Lindsay and his co-star Derek Jacobi to supper after the performance. ‘Mrs Thatcher came shimmering into my dressing room wearing a black and silver evening gown,’ recalls Lindsay.But these days, being a good dad and husband are the most fulfilling things for me.Lindsay first rose to fame in the Seventies as hapless Tooting revolutionary Wolfie in the TV comedy Citizen Smith. Brought up in the mining town of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, his mother, descended from travellers, was a cleaner, and his joiner father suffered from TB most of his life.‘Back in those days I was fired by working-class indignation.

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