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, declared that people need a hero who is a bit of a loner; one who has one foot on the side for justice and one foot on the side that is lawless.

Our heroes can’t be completely pure, otherwise we have trouble relating to them.

When on a mission to protect an American ambassador targeted for assassination, Mason’s inability to follow orders ends up with an innocent child getting killed in the crossfire. He is running a small bar and cafe in Lausanne, Switzerland when his old friend and handler for the CIA Ray Hanley (Smitrovich) turns up, telling him that a double agent buried deep in the employ of Arkady Federov (Ristovski), a war hero from the Chechnyan civil war and favored to become the next Russian president, has discovered something big and needs to be pulled out.

However, Peter is the only agent she trusts to get her out of Russia.

” ‘It’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t accept her invitation to dinner that night,’ he admits ruefully.

Lindsay, who had been an only child for ten years, found out about the happy event by accident.Peter Devereaux (Brosnan) is an operative for the CIA, a veteran and crafty one at that.His partner and protégé is David Mason (Bracey), a brash and arrogant sort who doesn’t always listen to those with years of experience on him.He began wearing them, after abandoning anti-depressants, to cope with the unhappiness that dogged him for years.A course of therapy also helped; as has his decision to stop worrying so much about his career. For a start, he doesn’t have the pressure of My Family, having just ended an 11-year stint as grouchy dentist Ben Harper opposite Zoe Wanamaker who played his wife. ‘There’s no comparison between The Examiner and James Bond,’ laughs Lindsay.

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