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The same year, RTÉ made a radio drama of Also in 2003, Nicholas Hytner directed a theatre version of the books as a two-part six-hour performance at London's Royal National Theatre.

Why did Michael kill himself and why does he always appear to Jonas covered in black goo?series has already become a cult phenomenon for millions of readers around the world, and the BBC now hopes it will do the same as a TV series.The epic trilogy of fantasy novels will soon arrive on the small screen for the first time, and here is your guide to everything from casting to broadcast dates.In the film and on stage they had so much plot to get through, so much plot to churn through, whereas we've got the luxury of having time to get to know [lead character] Lyra, and spend time in her world."No details have been confirmed for the first broadcast details.Producer Jane Tranter originally said that she planned for pre-production on the series to start in Wales in autumn 2016.

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